Commerce Technology Landscape

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At Fung Capital, we focus on investing in technologies that enable omni-channel commerce and improve retail supply chain efficiency.  Built on our knowledge accumulated over the years, we created the Commerce Technology Landscape to share our knowledge with retailers, brands, and anyone who is interested in retail technologies.  This landscape will be continuously updated.

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Delivering Unrivalled Advantages to Entrepreneurs

By connecting to a global supply chain and distribution network

Fung Capital is the investment arm of the Fung family in Hong Kong which separately controls the Fung Group that sources, distributes, and retails consumer products globally. 

Fung Capital invests in B2B technology companies that enable omni-channel retailing and improve supply chain efficiency. 

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We invest in entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies.

We partner with entrepreneurs who share a vision in creating new and more efficient retail commerce with the marriage of innovation, data and product sourcing.

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